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   Grovewood Drive North    June 18, 2019

As residents are aware there is a sink hole on Grovewood Drive North which is currently behind barriers and traffic lights are installed.

KCC will hopefully be digging up the road, this Thursday, to ascertain the damage and it is hoped KCC will put in quick road works to sort it all out. It is believed that the hole is next to a soakaway and the torrential rain last week, and thunderstorms are expected tonight!, may have caused the problem.  The hole on the surface is small but it is known to be very deep so KCC has quite rightly isolated the area for safety. The Highway Steward is fully aware that Grovewood Drive South is due to be closed off from 1 July and has promised to update the parish council as soon as she has more news on what remedial work is planned.

The KCC office that issues the licences to dig up/close the highway has been informed of this new development.

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